Welcome to Ganesha Indian Restaurant Hilversum

Ganesha Indian Restaurant Hilversum

In Ganesha restaurant we still cook in a traditional Indian way. The chef of Ganesha restaurant has thirty years of experiences in the North Indian kitchen. In our menu there are varieties of choices between fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Of course the delicious Biryani is also on the menu, this all for reasonable prices. If you don’t like the spicy dish, that is not a problem, you can order the way you want it from a mild korma to a spicy Vindaloo. Our restaurant has a special menu for children also.

Our delicious Tandoori dishes are made on a traditional way, the Indian clay oven. First we marinate the chicken or fish in a yogurt with nice traditional herbs before it will be grilled in the clay oven. This will give the real Indian flavor to the Tandoori dishes.

Curry & Tandoori Specialities